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Reduce Conflict, Build Trust and Get Empowered With The Skills You Need to Successfully Coparent

The Conscious Co-Parenting Institute

The Conscious Co-Parenting Institute provides cutting-edge strategies that empower divorcing or separating parents with the skills and tools they need to create a co-parenting/parallel parenting plan where every member of the family is supported to reach their highest potential.

They will show you how to communicate with your child’s other parent to prevent alienation and reunite alienated children with their beloved parents. In other words, They have a solution for families regardless of where you are in the process. 

""I have reviewed the High Road Protocol and it is my professional opinion it contains the proper catalytic interventions in the proper sequence to effectively and efficiently resolve the issues surrounding negative parental influence on a child as a result of a cross generational coalition of the child with one parent against the other. "
Craig Childress Psy.D.

About the Founder


Dorcy Pruter

The Founder and CEO of Conscious Co-Parenting Institute a Dorcy Inc. Company. Through re-unification coaching and co-parent education, Dorcy provides strategies and solutions for parents and children to reconnect or stay connected during and after a high conflict divorce.

The primary focus of Dorcy’s work at the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute is high conflict custody disputes involving Parental Alienation. Her goal is to help establish Custody Plans and Co-Parenting Roles that encourage positive relationships between children and BOTH parents.​

Working with both mothers and fathers, as well as attorneys, and therapists, Dorcy has spent the last several years as a Family Reunification Coach and Custody Consultant. She has worked on numerous of cases, nationally and internationally, garnering positive results.

We've got the perfect solution for you

No case is too big or too small for us

Co-Parenting Online Course

For parents just getting started

  • * Shift your divorce out of conflict & chaos to cooperation & peace
  • * Need to fulfill a requirement for court
  • * Seeking personal growth
  • * To show the courts that you are doing everyting you can do to be a positive co-parent

Custody Resolution

Evidence Timeline Creation and Custody Coaching program

  • * Get out of family court
  • * Custody Coaching
  • * Evidence timeline creation & attorney prep
  • * Expose the lies being told in court
  • * Keep your child from being alienated from you

High Roads Reunification

Shift from Alienated to Reunited in 3 Easy Steps

  • - Solve the alienation story in your family
  • - Approach this from a solution mindset
  • - Struggling with trying to reconnect
  • - As a professional, you want to solve the problem known as "Parental Alienation

About Custody Resolution Method

Custody Resolution Method Coaching Program is a powerful new coaching program and software service that assists parents and professionals dealing with a pathogenic parent in a parenting dispute get out and stay out of family court, reunite with their children and eliminate parental alienation from their families.

Are you a parent dealing with a high conflict co-parent?

Is your co-parent…

  • Lying and manipulating the professionals and the court?
  • Alienating your child/children from you?
  • Taking extreme actions and reactions towards you as the divorce and separation continue?
  • Do you keep giving and giving to keep the peace and yet the peace never comes?

If these sound familiar you are most likely dealing with a high conflict co-parent.

If this is you then you most likely feel like it is impossible to get the legal and therapeutic professionals involved in your case to understand what is going on and then what to do about it.

Well not anymore…

When you are dealing with a High Conflict Person, it is Vital to PROTECT yourself, and your children.

Because High Conflict Parents have predictable patterns of problematic behavior, they frequently:
  • Over-react to situations with “all-or-nothing” thinking
  • Have unmanaged emotions like anger, rage, uncontrollable sadness
  • Exhibit extreme behaviors (domestic violence, making false allegations, spreading rumors, abusing children, alienating children, hiding children, hiding money, etc.)
  • Are preoccupied with blaming others

The Custody Resolution Method is a powerful new coaching program and software solution to your high conflict custody battle. This program gives you what you need to takes you out of the back and forth he said/she said, court battle, that you often find yourself in with a high conflict parent in the dysfunctional court system and back to being a parent to your children.